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    LC French Oral - Questions that may be asked + Tips Norton

    So I'll be doing my French oral pretty soon and so will everyone else. I thought I'd make this thread in hopes to get all the possible questions that may be asked out of it.

    Does anyone have a list of possible questions, or are any past pupils able to tell us what they were asked last year?

    Here's what I've picked up from

    The topics that are to be discussed are:


    • Yourself

    • Friends

    • Leisure Activities

    School and Careers

    • School

    • Careers

    Abstract Topics

    • Addictions

    • Racism

    • The Environment and Pollution

    • Information Technology

    • Terrorism

    Has anyone got any tips for the oral? Any possible questions? Also how long does it take to do the oral or how long did your oral take?


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      Fionn óhA

      My Teacher says that personal health, La Santé gets asked too.

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      Fionn óhA

      so fitness and hygene and stuff

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      Does anyone have notes on easter holidays please?

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      Claire Oreilly

      Notes on technology??

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