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Le document
AmyOC Leaving Cert French — 18/09/17 3

anyone have any ideas on a good document to prepare for french hugher level oral?

AmyOC — 18/09/17
zaorr — 18/09/17
I did my LC last year,(HL french) I'm repeating again and doing the same document as last year. I prepared a picture of castle in france by a beach, then talked about my holiday in france with brief mentioning of the castle and the beach. It can be ANYTHING, literally like a selfie with an ice cream or whatever you have. If you've been to France or any country for that matter, you should consider that as you get the past tense out of the way and it's reasonably easy. Plus, the questions they'd mainly ask you on it is like..''what's/are there any differences between Ireland and (whatever country) and if it's france they might ask about whether or not you spoke french but when I did my oral I prepared a full back to back page and we only spoke about it for like three minutes so..I overestimated it. Keep it simple, talk about shops, food, weather and the place you stayed in the country par exemple, Paris. The document is nice as it gives stability to your oral especially if you're talking about holidays..which is like 3rd year french. You don't even have to have much vocab for it. Sorry if this is long but it worked well for me and it was easy so:) Good luck ahha
AmyOC — 18/09/17
thats perfect, thank you so much for your help that makes things a lot clearer ! thanks again, good luck! :)
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