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Qazwsxedc1234 Leaving Cert French — 15/06/16 13

I have done the environment, obesity, sports, doping in sports, stress in our lives, migrant crisis and drugs. Anybody think that's enough? Thanks!

Qazwsxedc1234 — 14/06/16
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I haven't really got a clue ��
Sarah_7402 — 14/06/16
I'd say thats plenty! Even if none of those topics come up youve got a load of handy phrases that could apply to any question. Im also doing advertising and technology too. Hopefully they'll come up now :)
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Could you please send me notes on the environment and migrant crisis please x x smythkaren98@gmail.com I would really appreciate it! Thanks you
Qazwsxedc1234 — 14/06/16
@skmayrtehn I just have sample answers if they are ok? Do you have snapchat? It would be easier!
Qazwsxedc1234 — 14/06/16
@Sarah_7402 yeah I'd say your right! Thanks for your help!
Shaunadurcan — 14/06/16
Could I please get your environment answer if you don't mind?
Cillian_4173 — 14/06/16
could I get the environment essay please? cduffy95@gmail.com
Qazwsxedc1234 — 14/06/16
Do yous have snapchat? It's a lot easier!
Eimear_Hetherton — 14/06/16
Could I please get environment and stress on young people? Snapchat is eimearhetherton
laurahogan062 — 14/06/16
Can I get the notes on the environment please? Badly stuck and panicked out of it! Snapchat is laurah062
sandyb333 — 14/06/16
Can you send on the notes on doping in sports please? Would really appreciate it snapchat is sandybgua
Yuukichan98 — 14/06/16
Anyone thinks La Religion and La Politique ( L'union européen will come up on the paper ?
nyar — 15/06/16
Could you please send them to me too? snowleopard312@gmail.com
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