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    my personality leanne.moran.980

    can anyone give me an A standard personality in French for a girl

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      Leanne, how would you describe your personality in English? Just write it the way you would say it to a friend, informal style. It does have to be the truth. However, I would advice you to be as truthful as possible as it will be easier to remember it on the day of the exam. I will translate it for you.

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      A general tip I would give, as a French teacher, is use alternative vocabulary. It makes it more interesting for the examiner. If you say you are 'fiable' (reliable) and 'serviable' (helpful), they are unusual adjectives, and are the same for both genders. Don't use 'gentille, sympa or belle', as these are opinions others usually express, and are also boring. Say you are 'rigolote', not 'drole', as it has an irregular feminine form. 'Mure' (mature) is also a good one.Avoid 'sympa, bon and interessant' at all costs if you want a good grade.

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      John smith234

      saisera are you saying that the words you use to describe yourself actually determine a p art of your grade? i assumed any word would suffice for personality

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