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    no teacher and in 6th year Kate_5981

    I have been back 2 weeks in school and still no french teacher. The teacher covering the classes is handing out OL material when I am a HL student. Anyone have any advice for me or been in a similar situation. It really doesn't look like I'll be getting a teacher any time soon either. Just really anxious that this will affect my result in future examinations, being with a teacher!!

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      Talk to either your Year Head or the principal and say that the teacher you have now isn't teaching and giving out the right material and just say that you're concerned about this issue because you want to do well in French! Hope this helps

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      Thank you johnsotn... The issue has already been raised with both parties and is yet to be addressed... I got some HL papers today so I will just work on them along with revising the oral work I have for now... Hoping I have a teacher this week!!😌

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      No bother☺️ At least you've got some notes to go from anyway.... If you want i can send you some of the French notes I have! 😊

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