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Opinion Pieces
michellemcc98 Leaving Cert French — 14/06/16 2

it says to write around 75 words but our teacher gives us really long essays. does it matter how many words you write, is it more like quality over quantity? will someone who writes more get more marks than someone with the same level or French who writes less?

Dylan98 — 08/05/16
Our teacher says go for about 115 maximum and he has said this when we give him up work which is over the limit. But I think it's more quality over quantity. I wrote over 75 in one question in my mock for example and only got 18 for it.. so I think it's more with quality of French and communication with the question. But that's what I think :P
conor1234 — 14/06/16
once you hit the 75 words its all about quality not quantity
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