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    Orla help Ruthh98


    My teacher is quite bad and we have done no oral preparation. I was just wondering would you have to talk about the refugees and other topical affairs in the oral or is it basic like yourself, family and hobbies etc??

    Thank you

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      The examiners hate when they hear you reciting learned pieces, they want to have a conversation with you.

      Wherever you bring the conversation, you will have to talk about. They will ask questions on topical affairs but they will also want to hear about your family and hobbies.

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      I would not be that good at oral french, so what type of questions could they ask referring to topical affairs? Could they ask, so what do you think about the current refugee crisis? Could I then be like its awful and we should all remember the great famine in ireland and how welcoming the americans were of irish refugees then be like speaking of which i really enjoy history??

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