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    Predictions for the 2016 French exam essays? Madalina.oo

    what are the essay topic predictions for the 2016 French LC exam ? Thank you.

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      Hi Madalina,

      It's very early to be predicting the written pieces that will come up in the French exam. You need a broad range of vocab and phrases to be able to tackle whatever comes up on the day, so at this stage I wouldnt suggest focusing on anything too specific yet. You can however learn general phrases that you can manipulate and there are some great resources here

      Good luck with your French!

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      Septembre - les sujets d'actualité

      - la crise des immigrants qui sont refoulés d'un pays à l'autre, quel message voudriez-vous envoyer aux gouvernements?

      - les SDF à Dublin en logement précaire - quelles seraient les solutions d'après vous?

      - Il faut faire beaucoup de sacrifice pour devenir un joueur professionnel de rugby - discutez

      - Est-ce important de soutenir une équipe locale/nationale?

      - Les villes en Irlande semblent se battre pour etre choisie comme "Ville Européenne de la culture", pourquoi est-ce important pour une ville d'avoir ce titre?

      des idées pour octobre?

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      something about the 1916 rising.. like how do we celebrate culture maybe

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      It's around this time of year that the exam papers are made so it could be possible that something about terrorism could come up. Its a topic to study for lc so it's a possibility

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      There could also be something on La Pollution and L'Environnement, as the COP21 (Conference of Parties meeting occurred in Paris last month). Also, the last question about this was in 2009, saying it wasn't a serious problem.

      I would say, definitely look at what occurred in the news and around the world in the last couple of months, e.g Terrorism, war, homelessness, pollution, environment, 1916 etc.

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      Paris attacks early this year could come up!

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      Enviornment, Crime, Poverty, Something about Europe like our involvement in the EU, Doping in sport and Technologie is what my grinds teacher is pridicting for the paper in June. She has predicted papers correctly for the past 3 years so I have faith in her prediction that Enviornment will possibly come up as it hasn't been up in 6 years and 6 years is a long time for an opinion question to not show it's face.

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      truth bois luv french so i do



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      @emmalousa Looks like she got it completely wrong this year

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      Anyone who confidently predicts that one or other subject will come up is very foolish. It's a good idea to prepare for certain topics but be prepared to recycle your stuff in the likely event that the predicted subject doesn't come up.

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