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The environment essay
katelynkelly_ Leaving Cert French — 16/05/16 2

Does anybody have any sample essays or notes on the environment? My teacher is awful and hasn't given us a single note. I heard it's a likely topic for coming up so im really in need of some notes..

taia.gordei — 16/05/16
I use online sources, SO much more helpful and you can pick out key sentences you need, here are some links: •http://www.studynotes.ie/leaving-cert/french/leaving-cert-french-expression-ecrite-10-key-sentences-lenvironnement/ •https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/l-environnement-french-essay-11106508 (I find this one extremely helpful, and it's not dangerous to download dw) There's tons more of information online, especially if it's specific like the marine environment,solutions to littering etc.
katelynkelly_ — 16/05/16
Thank you very much, much appreciated☺️
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