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jen1293 Leaving Cert French — 15/06/16 23

Howd you find it?

jen1293 — 15/06/16
Josh_6535 — 15/06/16
Hard enough
nyar — 15/06/16
The second comprehension and listening was hard.
Caoimhe98l — 15/06/16
what did the 'lui' refer to in comp 2
Mariafan — 15/06/16
I said paul
aimer — 15/06/16
I said la jeune femme
Josh_6535 — 15/06/16
I said Paul as well
jozx7r — 15/06/16
For the tape, what did people say for "why did the girl envy her 18 year old brother?"
jen1293 — 15/06/16
la jeune femme
Janine_Nestor — 15/06/16
The girl envied her brother because he has a salary
nyar — 15/06/16
And that he can go out when he wants and with who he wants
bio1 — 15/06/16
He has salary and that ans ^^. Listening enivitably tricky in the last 3 sections the rest of the paper was grand. Lui was paul it a male pronoun
bio1 — 15/06/16
Ailbhe123 — 15/06/16
Well "lui" can be for male or female, but I'm pretty sure it was Paul!
exam — 15/06/16
Anyone else hear 28,000 lightning bolts. Don't think it's geographically possible but I swore I heard that
Kayleigh1333 — 15/06/16
What letters did everyone pick for their comprehensions? Think I put 'd' for the first and 'b' for the second??
anonymous1234 — 15/06/16
I thought it was a lovely paper 1916 and obesity. 28000 is the answer. I said Mia for lui, I'm guessing now that that is wrong:-)
aichayabre — 15/06/16
it was definitely 28,000 without a shadow of doubt....but seriously like 28000 lightnings bolts?
Mariafan — 15/06/16
I said 20000, what did ye say for' what is he going to do in a few days? In the comprehension
mazzagirl24 — 15/06/16
I said he was going to return home, the piece said he was days from returning home :)
laylalushni — 15/06/16
it was 28000, it was sly and they made the words sound the same. and i said he was going to return to france
Phoebenich — 15/06/16
My teacher said that q about when he was returning home was grammatically incorrect so they will have to give marks for anything
aichayabre — 15/06/16
Yes! I saw that too, it kindah implied he was already in France
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