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What else should I prepare?
SCSC Leaving Cert French — 14/06/16 10

I have a recit learned, Also have diary prepared. Topics for opinion, that i prepared: refugees, terrorism, 1916, obesity, sport, new technology, racism, what else should i look at? unemployment/homelessness or crime? any major topics

woodward — 13/06/16
can you share these notes please?
Elaine170997 — 13/06/16
Environment and climate change, maybe?
Josh_6535 — 13/06/16
Drugs, alcohol and smoking
mazzagirl24 — 14/06/16
I'd love some notes on obesity if you have them orourkemolly24@gmail.com
sinlinsin — 14/06/16
I honestly think yo're covered with those to be honest... Do you mind sharing notes on 1916 and refugees? sineadlinden1@gmail.com
temiade — 14/06/16
Could you send the refugees and 1916 one please temi-ade@hotmail.com
skell — 14/06/16
can you send me notes on the refugees and 1916 please, chloeskelly5@live.ie
Darrag — 14/06/16
Can you send on notes for terrorism and refugees Tnx Darraghsterritt@gmail.com
Lauren_5033 — 14/06/16
Would anyone be able to send me on notes on refugees and 1916 please ?...my email is lolli.starz@gmail.com��
skmayrtehn — 14/06/16
Please 1916 notes is really appreciate it!! �� Smythkaren98@gmail.com
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