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    What is possible to appear in the French HL written section this June? Bengee

    is migration, terrorism or climate chance possible? any other topics I should learn?

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      refuges is more likely to be asked

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      All three topics you've listed above may very well appear. It seems they are the only headings or sub-contexts that make it to the media these days so you can expect at least one to show up. Tennis star Maria Sharapova recently admitted her use of a banned drug so I'd revise anything related to drugs and athletics. Anyone who is half clued in to world news would know that racism was a big issue this year (i.e. the murder of innocent black men in US, the oscars favoring white actors, increased hatred towards muslims and people of Arab descent *cough* DONALD TRUMP *cough*, the petition for laws against hate crime in Ireland etc). I hope this helped!

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      My teacher says there's lots of thing to do with terrorism this year and last year something may come up , you should check back over this topic.

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      Terrorism, Refugees, Homelessness are the 3 topics that are very likely to occur. My teacher also assumes that something on the points system could come up (how injustice it is and that the change causes pressure on students). I would probably learn these really well. If you have time you should consider the 1916 Easter rising (that you are proud of the events that took place 100 years ago etc). Good Luck in your exams in June!

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