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    2015 predictions ILERI

    Those anyone know what would come up?

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      I don't know if this is a help, but this is what I plan on revising really well. I looked back on past papers and also got tips from here, and my teacher and put them all together and got this. Good luck 🎉

      P.s. Don't rely too much on this, it's only vague ideas

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      The picture won't actually upload. Give me a minute to figure this out

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      I heard Migration has a chance of coming up but because Geography is so broad you have too look at past papers and try predict yourself. However I wouldn't even rely on that, just in case.

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      waterfall and floodplain comes up every year and also fault mountains are favorite for us this year, sedimentary rocks and H.E.P dams is very likely

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      Take a look at this:

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      I am so stuck on regional geography 😢😰

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      Rachel Ryan Harry

      Learn everything on Ireland really well something has came up every year so far either on the map, economic activities or urban area!

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      Learn Ireland, France and Brazil really well for regional, Waterfall and Floodplain for physical and the rock cycle... learn the Biome because that's a handy 16%... short Questions are another 16%. We can waffle our way through human and maybe some of the regional too. Remember to link in your own common knowledge too, like with France and Charlie Hebdo and the African migrants in the Mediterranean going to Italy! Get timing right... it's essential!

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      would i be safe learning for biome:


      Human Interaction

      How Climate affects other characteristics???

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