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    Geography project! carolc5298

    Does anyone know if you lose marks for going over the max. Amount of words on each page?

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      if it is very obvious that you are going over the limit. don't think that they will count each page but i'm sure that they can say if you are going over the limit. play it safe and don't go over the limit

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      Okay Cool thanks :) should probably go start the actual project now :P

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      Hi Carol, As Daniel says above, it is unlikely that an examiner will count up your words. Just try to stick to the headings on the pages in the booklet. I have added some notes which might help you write up your project on the right column of this page

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      I'm clicking on those links on the column but it says oops something went wrong :/

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      Click the PDF icon!

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      Brilliant! Thank you so much! :)

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