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    Region Pamelanandas

    A region is an area on the earth surface which can be defined by one or more criteria explain this statement with reference to examples you have studied and draw a sketch map

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      I presume your question is what should you write for this question. Basically the question is asking you to talk about the concept of a region using examples you have studied. For example:

      - Paris basin is an urban region

      - The Burren is a geomorphological region

      - The BMW is a socio economic region

      - The Gaeltacht is a cultural region

      and so on.

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      Oh thank youuu!!

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      I think a good way to tackle this answer is to discuss the concept of a region under 5 headings with 3 SRPs per heading

      (e.g. choose from:

      Physical (climatic and geomorphological),


      Socio-Economic (Core and Peripheral),

      Industrial Decline,

      Urban and

      Cultural (language and religion))

      This should make it easy to get 30 out of 30 marks.

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