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    Don't know what to do in Geography MAYYAMIMI

    I'll be in 6th year in September and I have problems remembering all the answers to the vast range of questions that could come up. The regional section is hardest for me.

    I got 68% in my Christmas exams and 66% in my Summer exams.(I really need an A1)

    Does anybody have any particular way of memorizing the questions?

    ( i did not pay much attention to geography in 5th year)

    Thank You

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      Y u no pay attention in fifth year then? Study beta

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      My teacher told us to make up really random stories or poems to remember certain phrases or key words. I found that it really worked, and I ended up getting 92% in my summer test. Also, just try to highlight key phrases in the text, and learn them, instead of trying to learn the entire thing.

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      Hi. I'm also going into 6th year as well. I have got an A1 in every test so far. My key to success is to learn as much of the course as possible. For sample answers I would read over a couple every night and learn off ones that are 100% guaranteed to come up e.g question on rivers, coast, etc...

      go over each topic and be able to put key words into a sentence and then into essay form.

      Hope this helps

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      Sue Honan Key Skills book is excellent for answers. You could take some info from that, your textbook and merge them together to form a suitable answer to questions that's easy to remember

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      I received my results and I actually got an A1 in geography. Thought I might 'reveal my secrets' :).

      -The Sue Honan Key Skills mentioned above really does help! One thing that I found useful was reading the sample answers and then drawing out a mind map for each. Basically in the middle I would write the topic name and and around it I would write a summary of each sentence/key point using a lot of colour and abbreviations. I found this really helped and did it for all my subjects. By doing this I was able to quickly revise any topic and drawing them out was a nice way to unwind and calm down.

      - This was amazing. Read it!!! It has nearly everything on the syllabus laid out in a concise and easy to learn way. Honestly I would not have gotten the A1 without this. Because the Sue Honan book and my class textbook didn't have everything covered this was a godsend.

      - In the exam you will run out of time. Don't start to think 'I'm a fast writer' or 'I never run out of time in any tests'. You will run out of time. To insure you get as much marks as you can please work on your diagrams. You have to draw big, colourful diagrams quickly so practice. And I'm not talking about the countries outlines. I mean like the waterfall or whatever. If you're good at drawing the countries then great. I wasn't brilliant but this year the regional questions worked out well for me and i found the question without drawing a country quite easy. Also don't be afraid to use bullet points. Honestly I think the examiners prefer bullet points just because it works well with geography and SRPs.

      - Get your project done as soon as possible. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Their were people still working on their project on the due day in my class. Also use colour in your diagrams and graphs. Basically use colour wherever possible and as much as you can.

      Good luck. I loved geography so I was over the moon when I got an A1. But this time next year if you don't get an A1 in geography or any subject, don't worry. As long as you get what you need, you'll be fine. Don't compare yourself to anyone as it will drive you crazy. :)

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      Also sorry for the long reply :D

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      Evafinn Congrats on the A1!!

      How did you cope in the exam? I'm very nervous about the Geogrpahy exam in particular next year.

      Any tips/advice will be appreciated!

      Thanks ;)

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      Any advice on how to get An A in geography anyone? I just need tips on how to approach it, I've gotten a C in the summer test of 5th year so any help would be great

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