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    Essay style or bullet points?? Criostóir

    I'm wondering if anyone knows whether you should use essay-style answers or bullet points when answering the 30-mark questions?? I presume it doesn't matter as long as you have 15 SRPs but I heard it needs to be in an essay format for the Geoecology question.

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      I'd nearly 100% say do it in essay form, overall cohesion is a part of your marks for your 30 mark essay , this means the flow of the essay.

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      Well for my mock, I did really all questions in bullet points except geoecology. I personally find it easier that way but it's up to you in the end of course :)

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      You should do it in bullet point form as you know how many srp's you have and how many you need in an exam. There is no cohesion mark in the 30 mark question, it was removed a long time ago.

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