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essays predictions ?
Maria_5155 Leaving Cert Geography — 04/06/16 10

What essays is expected to come up in 2016 ?

OSullivanJ — 05/05/16
Loads of erosion ye
Sarah_7402 — 05/05/16
Well know mass movement because I noticed it has come up every year since 2010. Earthquakes hasn't shown its face in a while and know Human Interference w/ Rivers and Levees/Waterfalls. I reckon a map of Brazil will come up too and maybe something on a geomorphological region. My teacher said something could come up about Migration in Human so I'm thinking maybe Migration during 19150? On Changing Technology and Ethnic and Religious Issues. Hope this helps, and remember to look through past papers and see what patterns are there :)
michaels — 05/05/16
Go binge study everything. Don't make predictions...
Maria_5155 — 06/05/16
Thank You Sarah :)
Yoshmyster96 — 07/05/16
Biome - characteristics has been due up for ages or human interference
kevin-52 — 10/05/16
Heard something about two ukrainian sisters called maria and ivanna get kidnapped?
hazelclix — 10/05/16
Biome - Human Interaction my teacher thinks
Maria_5155 — 03/06/16
What about soil question?
Aislingx98 — 04/06/16
process and characteristics for soil
Laura_6299 — 04/06/16
Something to do will Migration or Paris will most likely come up, especially with everything that's gone on with both recently enough.
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