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    Exam question michaelabyrne97

    I'm so stuck. For the 2014 question 2 (b) (ii) "Describe & Explain two processes of mass movement that you have studied" how on earth do i approach this do i discuss creep and slide or freeze thaw and human activity? ?

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      I'd approach it like this:

      "The two processes of mass movement I have studied are (example: Soil Creep) and (example: Solifluction)."

      Then to continue with the question you can have sub-headings like "Soil Creep" and "Solifluction" and discuss+explain what each are, where does it take place and causes it. Like for example with Soil Creep, burrowing of animals and freeze-thaw action assist in the process. As for Solifluction, it happens when gentle slopes become saturated with water. And continue on explaining.

      Those are just two examples from my book. And this is my first advice here. So if anyone wants to expand a bit, go ahead!

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      Thankyou that helped alot :D

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      Go to and put in these codes to help you with your answer ncdkoj ( answer to 2015 question) nuocha (2013) revyjd (2012) edozru (2011)

      All questions were on ONE mass movement process.

      This question came up in 2015 2013 2012 2011 2010

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      Make sure that MASS MOVEMENT is the topic that your geography teacher chose to teach you in detail. You only need one of the following topics in detail:




      Mass Movement

      The other three you only need to do in brief, to answer short questions on them.

      Hope this helps,


      Geography teacher

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