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    Exam Questions Aisling1998

    Is the best way to study just doing exam questions? Do the teachers normally just use past questions for Christmas/summer exams?

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      Well each teacher does things differently so some teachers might get questions from somewhere else

      Using past exam questions is probably the best method. It's better to do Essay questions mostly though because Short Questions are easy enough and if you know your essays, that'll prepare you for the Short Questions anyway

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      Great, thanks!!

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      I would also do lots of the 20 mark questions, I lost a lot of marks in the mocks because I thought they were easy and rushed through them.

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      The most important way to study geography properly is to know the material on the curriculum. Learning and learning essays won't work long term, you need to be able to know a good 15,16, 17 points on each topic for example geothermal energy, you briefly say how we get this energy by the interaction with the rock cycle, it compresses and turns to steam generating electricity to nearby cities in homes, industry and offices. You talk about the economic benefit it has, reducing the need to import finite resources such as oil that are non renewable and bad for our environment, the Blue Lagoon Spa and building hotels to accommodate its annual 400,000 tourists, I'm using Iceland as an example. it generates a lot of revenue for the country... I could go on and on forever!!

      If you know about 15 points on the common topics like river processes, rocks, volcanoes etc... and the common topics that tend to come up every year.

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      I'm an A1 student but I got an A2 in the mock because I lost silly marks in the Short Questions. Take your time and don't rush them and also when it comes to the 20marker questions just remember to know your definitions because they can sneak up here especially! Hope this helps

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      That's very helpful! Thanks!!

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