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    field work help please *urgent* magz97

    me and my fellow class mates are lost as our teacher is on maternity leave and her sub is always out! the topic they have chosen is changing land use. we do not know how to show this ? an tips on how to do this? what we need in it etc???

    its due next week ....

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      Hi ,

      Start by getting a plan of the Main Street in a town the planning office will give you this if it is for educational purposes for free. Then make a list of each property and what it is currently being used for. Then check the library for the thomms directory and it will list the properties in that area and their uses in earlier years. You can represent the data on a pie chart and group the properties into financial, retail etc. You can also say if it fits the Hoytt model or another type model and compare the land uses in the past to now. You could suggest why the changes have taken place. Good luck .

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      oh great thank you

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      Anybody know if the project is strict on the wordcount for the project ?

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      our teacher told us as long as it all fits into the booklet without obvious squashing, it should be okay! also all of her past student said they wrote 'approx 1,000 words' in the word count section, and its never been a problem!

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      For drawing the results it says you need two forms of results does this mean if i do a sketch and barchart i cant do a piechart?

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