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    Geoecology 5 essays klau97

    Hi! I heard that for Geoecology you are supposed to learn 5 essays. My teacher is not doing Geoecology in enough detail with my class. So, does anyone know what these 5 essays are? I would really appreciate if someone could tell me.

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      I have only done three essays in my class

      1 Desert Biome Essay - climate, soils, plants and animals

      2 Human Interference with biome essay - cutting down rain forests , early forest clearing and soil erosion

      3 Soil erosion essay - over grazing, over cropping , desertification and deforestation

      hope that helps :)

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      My class has done

      how the processes operating in the soil have impacted on the characteristics,

      human activity on soil,

      human activity on biomes

      biome characteristics

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      Thank you :)

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