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    Geoecology help pleas. Brian-96

    What is necessary to study for Geoecology? I'm doing geography by myself and don't really understand the whole options and electives part .

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      HI Brian,

      If you take Higher level you must take one option (there are 4 to choose from). For each option the exam paper will give you three essays to choose from. You pick one essay on the topic you have decided to study.

      Most questions in LC higher Geography are divided into an A part (20 marks) B part (30 marks) and C part (30 marks). The option essay is a little bit different from all the others as the single essay is worth 80 marks. It therefore has to be much longer (approx 3/4 pages) and it is recommended that you you cover 3 or 4 aspects within your essay i.e. divide your essay into parts.

      Most students (their teachers) choose the Geoecology option. You will find some A1 answers on the page below that should give you some guidance on how to write a good essay on this section of the course.

      Good luck : )

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      Thanks !

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      Brian, If you are choosing Geoecology for your option, make sure you are familiar with soils as they come up every year e.g. Brown Earth soils and Latosol soils. Know the factors that affect them (climate, relief, organic matter, parent material and time) and also know the soil forming processes (leaching, humification etc.). Don't just focus all of your attention on the plants and animals in your chosen biome, as they are not guaranteed to come up.

      The most important thing is that you understand the marking scheme, as this is different to the rest of the paper. You need either three headings with 8 SRPs each, or four headings with 6 SRPs each.

      Best of luck!


      Geography Teacher

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