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Geography essays
by Megan_3471 Leaving Cert Geography — 19/05/16 6

Anybody have the list of geography essays you need to know

tara2013 — 11/05/16
Landform of erosion (Waterfall) and Landform of deposition ( Ox-Bow Lake or Delta ) come up every year.
MysticManiac — 11/05/16
Rock formation comes up every year (Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic) Landform of erosion OR deposition will come up or you could be asked to write about both a landform of erosion AND deposition (in one 30 mark question) Mass movement also comes up every year as an alternative to the landform question so you either write about landforms or mass movement. You may be asked to write about two processes of mass movement so knowing at least one well and another fairly well will be useful
caitlin.connolly.5201 — 15/05/16
-Multinational company -European union policy -processes shaping formation of fluvial/coastal/glacial landform -rock type metamorphic/sedimentary/igneous -all regions continental,Irish,European conflict of interest -economic eg Shell These are some of the main ones that come up every year ! :D
FERGAL75 — 17/05/16
Send on your email address and ill forward you some essays
FERGAL75 — 17/05/16
here you go
Megan_3471 — 19/05/16
Thank you so much ��
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