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    Geography or history? Heba_9839

    I have to pick my subject options for fifth year soon and I'm stuck between geography and history. I really want to pick history but everyone is warning me geography is easier. Is geography as easy as they say it is for leaving cert? Thanks 🙂

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      my older brother did geography and history for his leaving cert,ive chosen geography...but geography is continued on from all of your junior cert material and you go into more detail...but I mean if you like history pick it! I mean theres no point in doing geography if you don't like I

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      I am a JC student BUT I have seen both courses. Geography is easier than History because for History, you have to be good at writing very long essays as well as remembering people's names / dates etc (like JC but much more detail). It should not be about which is easier though! It should be about which you find more enjoyable to do. Like in the end if you don't have a big interest or any interest in the subject like Geography, then it won't be an easy subject for you! See my possible LC choices for example:

      Maths, Irish, English - mandatory

      French - third language for college but I enjoy French!

      Music - I adore music and I'm a songwriter so of course I'll keep doing music

      Physics - considered one of the hardest (hardest science) but for meteorology (which I like) I'm willing to do it. And in JC, I don't find it that bad.

      Geography - I have adored ever since I was a kid so more than likely I'll choose it. My big interest gives me a big advantage of getting high marks.

      History I have to do for JC but I do not like, in fact, I hate - so I'm dropping it for LC.

      Just remember to consider these points before you choose

      - Which do I prefer? Which do I find more enjoyable and less stressful?

      - Will my future careers have this subject required?

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      I do the both and neither are easy, I enjoy history more, like geography is quite boring to learn about

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      I do both subjects and for me I would say geography is easier as history is composed on long essays and large amounts of detail. I really prefer geography because I have an excellent teacher but make sure you pick the subject that you are most going to enjoy for the next 2 years.

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      history 100%

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      honestly, geography is harder for me. In history, its a lot easier to remember info because it's in chronological order but in geography there is just so much to take in so...

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      Leaving Cert students advice


      Leaving Certs really about points. YOU do what you think will get you the most points the easiest. Geography is the least learning and it much easier in my opinion.

      I say go for it!

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      I hate geography and history is so much more interesting but it all comes down to you and what you like. I know people who hate history and love geography. Just do your research on both subjects and find out what is on the course. Look at past exam papers on and even talk to your teachers about it.

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      I do both geography and history, and the fact there's projects with both make it easier walking into the exam. Learning off geography essays is in an SPR form, kind of like you state something then explain it, it's a similar type of learning as well for history essays I think! Choose what you're passionate about, but it's no harm to choose both!

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