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HELP!!!! should i do LC GEOGRAPHY????
ailbhe15 Leaving Cert Geography — 02/02/17 10

hi, I'm currently in Leaving Cert and want to start Geography, just wondering if its too late?? if not 1) how do i go about doing the project? 2) is there a lot to learn? 3) THANK YOU for ANY help XX

Azam — 20/09/16
If it's sixth year i wouldn't recommend it unless you have already invested hours of learning in it before but it isn't an impossible thing. 1) I'm sure if you talk with your teachers they will let you go on the actual excursion so you can write up the project as for being able to get the LC Coursework itself so you can write it up i have no clue on what you should do. 2) Its the same as any other science typical 350 page textbook, you need to know definitions and there isn't too much thinking about problems like in maths.
ailbhe15 — 20/09/16
oh .. well i invested hours in it back in Junior Cert? thank you so much !
Larakc16 — 21/09/16
Geography is one of the easier subjects to study for the leaving.The course is split into regional physical and elective and if you apply yourself and learn the notes its very easier to do well in.Its much easier than many of the other subjects like History or Biology.The project is just a field trip then you write it up the teacher you have will give you lots of help most people get the full 20% in it.Overall i would say do Geography as with work its easy to do well in all my class i was in passed it
Azam — 21/09/16
If you got an A or B try it for a month take a test and if you do well follow through, ask the teacher for a test she would normally give to 6th years study for it take and if all goes well tryhard and do it for leaving cert it isn't a hard subject to get an A or even pass just a lot of learning involved.
ailbhe15 — 21/09/16
Yeah I think I'm going to go ahead and d o it, just 1 last question.. Is geography anything like economics???
chloe_cass98 — 14/10/16
Geography is a very easy subject once you put the work into it. The project is not too hard to write up, which is good. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject. There are loads of sample answers on all the questions that come up and once you learn them you will sail through the LC! It is nothing like economics, so you should be good.
Bvlikis — 08/11/16
Is it and easy subject ? Yes Will you get everything properly covered in one year? I doubt it. It's an easy subject but there is still quite a bit to learn. Personally, I wouldn't recommend you start it and attempt to get the course done in a year because while a lot of the stuff may be easy there is a lot in the higher level course
pasta — 30/11/16
If you're in fifth year it's definitely doable, wouldn't attempt starting it in sixth as its a very dense subject with a lot of info to learn however it's relatively easy! The short questions are a breeze and the long questions can be daunting cause you've know enough info to write essays but it shouldn't be an issue if you start now
aidanc543 — 03/01/17
Kevin9768 — 02/02/17
Such a hard subject I wouldn't do it unless you are 100% willing to put in the work
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