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Higher Level Section 3 - Geoecology
Magpie123 Leaving Cert Geography — 08/06/16 6

Would anyone here be so kind as to tell me what are the most likely essays for Geoecology ? I've narrowed it down to 4. 1- Processes that Impact on Soil Characteristics 2- General Composition and Characteristics of ONE soil type. 3- Biomes 4- Human Influences on Biomes Which of those would you say is absolutely imperative for the exam ?

paulfarren — 07/06/16
Human influences on biomes definitely ��
fellipe_1 — 07/06/16
human influences hopefully
Magpie123 — 07/06/16
Thank you both very much ! Best of luck if you're doing exams ��
jxcoyle — 08/06/16
s human influences and human activity the same thing?
dideak — 08/06/16
Phteven — 08/06/16
Human influences characteristics and adaptions are all due up
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