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    LC geography field study alexandra1113

    Can somebody help me with writing up my results, conclusions, evaluation? Ive no idea how to start it and how to phrase my results etc..

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      What project did you do

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      A result is just a statement for example "the average Rock size at the foreshore was X cm while the average rock size was X cm at the backshore"

      The conclusion is your explanation of the results you got : "This told me that rocks are sorted depending on size, the smallest rocks will generally be found at the foreshore and the larger are at the back shore"

      In the evaluation you just need to say 4 or 5 things about the project for example "I think this investigation was worthwhile because... (It taught you how to work in a team/ measure beach profile/.. Whatever you learnt or can lie about learning)

      Another could be about what you would do differently, "I would do more measurements to make it more accurate"

      Your results can't be wrong and neither can your evaluation since it's what you got/ thought of the project

      Hope this helps a little!

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      Nora O Riordan

      Ellen here asking about my project "Investigation of the impact of the processes of transportation on coastal deposition"

      My conclusion needs to be stronger

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