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    Predictions Help please???? jackm1997

    Can someone give me list of all the different questions that are expected to come up in all the areas? Really need an idea on what to study

    Please and Thank you

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      For higher level..Tertiary activity in sub con region . Metamorphic or igneous rock , human interaction with rock cycle like quarrying, mass movement process

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      What about geoecology?

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      Rocks will be on it I'd say

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      human interaction with surf process , deposition+erosion , migration : religious ethnicity issues

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      i think for geoecology biome characteritics . i did not study soil at all because i hate it and im just guna study biome and answer whatever question comes up on that

      for irish region i studied primary and secondary activites in GDA because teritary activites came up last year and for european region i studied seconday and tertairy activites in paris because primary activities came up last year. best of luck hope i helped!

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      Biome is meant to be human interactions

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      Jackie the brown

      how do you guys know all of this is going to come up? how can you be so sure??

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      There's an oblivious pattern in past years on the Geoecology section and human interaction /activity is due to come up

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      Primary did not come up for European last year^^ could be defintely one to look over

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