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    Project in pencil ? Brian-96

    Is it okay to do the project in pencil ? Will it fade or is that just a myth ?

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      Stephanie K

      Definitely do not do your project in pencil, some correct its can refuse to correct it if it is in pencil, also it can fade

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      No LC examiner could EVER refuse to correct/mark a candidates work. Yes, you CAN write in pencil. Writing which is done in pencil is frequently neater and more legible. Just use a HB or B. Anything harder will be too faint. Anything softer may smudge. But buy a GOOD rubber!!!!

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      PS: I have been marking LC exams for over 15 years.

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      ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS do your diagrams in pencil , its more presentable and write everything else in pen. Do your labelling in pen and try to use colour as well.

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