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    Regional Geography please help nokia211

    I don't really understand certain questions,in other words what do I have to write about.

    I have studied the western region, Dublin region, Paris basin, Mezzogiorno and india.

    Examine the factors that influence the development of secondary economic activity in an Irish region you have studied.

    I know i can do either the west or dublin but I'm not sure what I actually write about. Do I discuss manufacturing industries or what.

    Discuss the factors that influence the development of one tertiary economic activity in one Irish region you have studied

    What about this one as well.

    In my book it has only broken it down into physical process, economic activities and human processes.

    These are just two examples of questions.

    Can someone please just tell me what exactly do i discuss in each essay.

    Please help, thanks

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      well I think you would write about climate and relief and soils. These are factors that effect manufacturing.

      Hope this helps.

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      write about the population and infrastructure, universites and well educated workforce etc

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