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    Regional & Physical Predications Karenmccarthy97

    Anyone have predications on these plz or anything on the paper even ??

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      Development of metamorphic rocks is in I'd say, hasn't been up in 3 years

      Also migration should be on and formation of a delta ( deposition)

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      They love their human processes questions also. I reckon Tertiary activities for a european region as well!

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      OS Sketch Map

      Processes shaping the formation of a fluvial landform (most likely deposition though could be erosion or deposition)

      Weathering (chemical or physical)

      Human Interaction with surface processes (Dam Building)

      Plate boundaries

      Formation of Metamorphic Rock

      Processes shaping the formation of landforms in a karst region

      Rock and distinctive landscape

      Monitoring, predicting, measurement and effects of earthquakes

      Impacts of volcanic activity

      Formation of volcanic landform

      Plate tectonics + distribution of earthquakes/volcanoes/fold mountains

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      Brazil / Ireland Sketch Map

      Concept of a region

      Geomorphological / cultural regions

      Economic, cultural and political activities

      Enlargement of EU

      Population distribution in Ireland

      Growth of urban centre in Irish Region

      Ireland secondary activities

      Population Distribution in European Region

      Growth of urban centre in European Region

      European Tertiary Activities

      Brazil tertiary activities

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      what about the human and geoecology predictions please and thank you

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      Thanks everyone I appreciate it

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      Human Activity in a Biome is a pretty safe bet for the Geoecology question. The EU and its effects on Ireland (CFP and Recent Expansion) will be a likely topic with the whole Brexit business going on. Other than that just know at least 1 Irish, 1 European and one Continental/Sub-Continental Region really well.

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