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    Should I do Higher Level Geography for Leaving Cert ? rooney34

    Hi I got a B in Ordinary Level in Geography last year and i am considering to do Geography for the Leaving Cert but i think i should do Honours Level instead of Ordinary Level.

    I never found Geography hard at all.

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      Theres nothing particularly difficult to understand . There is a lot to learn off however. It also depends on if your teacher will be good

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      I had a teacher who taught us Geography for two years she made us go over notes again and again till we knew them. She is a nice teacher

      but She can be strict sometimes.

      I learned a lot from class. I kept getting B and A,s in tests. I think that Geography was my favourite subject in 3rd Year.

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      yeah thats exactly what you need for lc geography I would recommend it based on what im hearing but of course your guidance counsellor will know you best.

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      I did Geography for the JC and now I'm doing it for LC. The Junior Cert Geography (Higher or Ordinary lvl) is so much easier than Leaving Cert Geography. I got a B for the JC but I'm sure I could've got an A in Geography if I cared. It's literally the easiest JC subject excluding CSPE. Leaving Cert Geography requires you to basically learn off essays. There are also short questions which are easy and learning the essays off will prepare you for them anyway so don't worry about them. When you get used to writing essays in Geography, it's fine

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