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Wasnt too bad? what's yer opinions
by Gazza1997 Leaving Cert Geography — 11/06/16 15

Overall the paper was alright, some of the short questions were abit bollox tho.

Elaine_3053 — 10/06/16
The biome wasn't specific to rainforests was it? I can't remember?
MaryEllen_6867 — 10/06/16
I haven't got a clue what that paper even was. The short questions were complete nonsense.
LydiaSheehan — 10/06/16
No it was open ��
avfcmick18 — 10/06/16
short qs proper reck ma nuk lak
treacytara — 10/06/16
Beautiful paper! Happy with it:)
Rachel_8010 — 10/06/16
Short questions were ew
adammooney99 — 10/06/16
Long questions were grand but short questions were fucking stupid
Oljen — 10/06/16
I learned that I don't know Europe very well
Elaine_3053 — 11/06/16
Short questions very rough! Alot of economic on the paper and stuff that we weren't expecting like igneous and metamorphic
Phteven — 11/06/16
For the short question is silica in basic lava and is basic lava more explosive? Long questions were lovely
MaryEllen_6867 — 11/06/16
I'm pretty sure I circled which ever option indicated that it had a low silica level, and that they're not very explosive. But I took a wild guess cos I didn't have a clue.
aoifes99 — 11/06/16
Even the short questions were a joke
Cait99 — 11/06/16
I thought it was a lovely paper
Elaine_3053 — 11/06/16
as someone repeating after 15 years it was a difficult paper. The short q's were difficult and took up much needed time. i know i did my project well and i did my biome well so hoping i scraped the 55 i need but it wasn't the worst but it could have been better.
JennoMC — 11/06/16
I didn't even know Ireland was in Europe
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