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    What to study!? Ireland1997

    Hey Guys,

    I'm really stressing over geography. Any tips on what to learn? What topics should I learn? I haven't started learning anything and I just want to know what is best to Learn in such a short space of time??

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      A good biome with good short questions and you'll have passed with your project too.

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      I focus on the biome, short questions and physical geography because I am useless at the others. I learn like six or seven questions from economic and three or four from regional because I find it most difficult. My teacher said not to ignore regional altogether so at least make an attempt at the ones u find hard- its better than nothing!!

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      Mehak nasim

      this is what my teacher said for

      biomes; climate,fauna, flora, soil

      Human impact on a biome; deforestation, impact on people, flora fauna and soils.

      plant and animal adaption; ( the usual aspects)

      and for economic activity;

      primary eco. act. Ireland

      tertiary eco act. Europe

      tertiary eco act, sub-continental

      and its sketch map,

      develpment of urban area ; Ireland and Europe

      population distribution and density; Ireland and sub-continental.

      and make sure your able to contrast between two parts of a country eg. the west of Ireland contrasted with the GDA .

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      Mehak nasim

      use your exam papers, and do out sample answers.

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