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    Grammar bumblebee

    Hi guys, I'm really struggling with grammar,cases & prepositions in Honours German.Anyone who is doing German in school at the moment, in Leaving Cert, would you happen to know if it'd be easier for me to get a C1 in honors or an A1 in pass? As last year in 5th,I was at a constant C1 level in honors but this year for my christmas, i have failed my exam.

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      probably better a c1 in honours than a1 in pass watch german tv shows i do it really helps

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      What channel??

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      Nothing more than learning it off , the grammar is manageable once you rhyme it , like the Cases :


      Acc Den Die Das Die

      Gen Des Der Des Der

      Dat Dem Der Dem Den

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      learn the prepositions that go with the cases and then if you see that preposition you will know the case of the word "the" or "A" (der... or ein....)

      there are no prepostions for the nominative case

      accusative : fur um durch gegen entlang bis ohne weider ( FUDGEBOW)

      Dative: aus bei mit nach seit von zu gegenuber

      Genitive is rarely used so don't worry about that for now.

      so if there is no preposition how do i know the case?

      ok so, Nominative is the person doing the action eg the man buys the dog.........ask yourself who is doing? the man is the doer (THE MAN is buying the dog) so the man is nominative

      so obviously its masculine.. now look at your table go to the masculine nominative ... DER .. so its DER man kauft ...

      accusative is the subject or the receiver of the action so usually the second "the" in the sentense eg in this example the dog is the accusative because the dog is being bought... (the verb to buy is on the dog).....the you have to just look up in a dictionary what gender it is.

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