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    German mock Misty Waters

    Does anyone know what comes up for the German letter or außerung?

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      Don't know which company but one of the außerungs was on statistics of favourite past times! Letter was on how you get on with your family, smoking, teacher competition to win money

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      Was your listening comprehension about a doctor organisation and a mother complaining that his son studies too much?

      If so then it's Deb

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      Does anyone know what is on the exam craft paper ?

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      Nope the comprehensions were on a guy buying stuff for his grandmother and then 3 guys in his class sees him and take photos of him! My paper must have been exam craft!

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      Was the reading comprehension about the guy buying things for his grandmother or the listening comprehension?

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      @John_6182 it was one of the reading comprehensions

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      what came up in the Deb paper?

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      do you really know what came up are you wasting our time

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