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    HL PRE Ella13

    hey any one know the letter for deb and exam craft? :)

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      I don't know which paper I got but these are what came up for me:


      1) Having a good relationship with your family. Do you fight with them, if so, on what?

      2) What kind of transport does your school have/how you get to school (something like that)

      3) What you plan on doing after the LC- are you going to move out or would you prefer to stay at home?

      4) If you had to nominate your teacher for an award which one would you nominate and why.



      1. Integration- whether you think German is difficult to learn or not, a friend proposes some sort of project (to do with integration obviously.. I wrote about toleranz, geduld, multikulturelle schule etc) The pic showed students and then a board with Arabic and German words

      2. Pastimes- you had to talk about the graph that was given and all the different pastimes.. I did the above one so I don't remember it all.

      The longer picture was about technology and young kids using it. The picture showed people sitting around a breakfast table and they were all on their phones..

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      Anyone know if that's DEB or examcraft??

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      That was DEB I'm pretty sure

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      Just read other boards and people are saying that my paper was DEB! Hopefully that will help you out :)

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