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Predictions 16!!!
chloede Leaving Cert German — 16/06/16 6

Any suggestions what topics I should prepare??

Peter_7114 — 15/06/16
All of them
chloede — 15/06/16
thanks that's great help..
Just_Do_It — 15/06/16
Chloede nobody will study this exam for you. You gotta be the best to beat the test. Just do it.
Rahuljoseph2000 — 16/06/16
1916 Rising Immigration Euro 2016 (Soccer) Water Charges Tourism in Ireland Just know a few sentences on each..might come up in the letter or Außerung zum Thema!
chloede — 16/06/16
Thanks a million Rahuljoseph2000
michaelkearns — 16/06/16
sex and lots of it
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