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    rollenspiel caoimhe98

    any notes on the 2017 rollenspiele

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      Jaysus, they're awfully difficult :(

      Up the Sesh 😄

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      I've notes on all 5 if you want me send you a picture of them

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      So leaving cert...

      I don't suppose you could help me too Niamh ?😁

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      Can you send them to me niamh at my email

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      I have really good ones too if anyone wants to them. My teacher typed them all out so it's correct vocabulary too 💪

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      So leaving cert...

      ioc135@gmail. If anyone could send notes on I would really appreciate it , its such a pain writing them from scratch and we have such a bad teacher

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      Can you send them to me laurea at much appreciated

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      Could I have the notes too if possible?

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      Aislinn Collins

      Me too please

      Thank you!!!

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      If you could send to me too that would be so much appreciated :)

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      Could you send them to me please?

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      That would be a big help guys!! could you send them to Thank you

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      can you send to them to me please?

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      Can you send them to me pleasseeee?

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      Water lover

      can you send them to me aswell

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      would anyone mind sending them to me aswell? my teacher went on maternity leave and took her notes with her and our new teacher often mixes up german and irish so I don't trust her notes. My email's thanks :)

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      Hi niamh, could you please send me the notes too? our notes dont even cover the points specified in the actual roleplay sheets ... kinda scared!

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      Could you send them to me too please if you don't mind!

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      hi, would it be possible for you to send your notes to me also! desperate :(

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      could someone send them on please

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      could someone send them on please

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      Would someone send the notes on please :) thank you

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      sorry they're late but here are the role plays in order of 1-5 excluding 2 as i cannot find my notes. I'll upload them when I find them

      attachment rollenspiele.pdf

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