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    Would trade my info of other DEB mocks I've done Charbely

    So I've done math bio could send you the pics on Snapchat p1 English p1/2 and music if any of yous need info on that I'll help you out but if you also know what coming on the German exam I would appreciate it

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      need maths p2 ordinary?? have all done except it and german

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      Sorry all of them are higher level only have pic of my bio exam the rest I know cuz I Wrote down in a paper when I was done the exams early

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      Delete my comments please

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      Q1 edta water

      Q2 ethyne ethene prep

      Q3 rates marble chips dust explosion

      Q5 isotopes relative atomic mass radioactivity alpha particle covalent pi sigma bond

      Q6 octane heat of combustion bomb calorimeter

      Q7 equilibrium

      Q8 mechanism for ethane and chlorine

      Q9 weak + conjugate acid calculate ph water treatment primary secondary tertiary

      Q10 Charles law ideal gas and pvnrt question oxidation reduction clove oil experiment

      Q11 energy level atomic orbital electron configuration options

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      It's manageable too

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      Is that DEB

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      Cuz I think it's examcraft

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      Any chance u feeling generous? Have no trade but need DEB HL German , English badly .

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      does any 1 have ordinary level maths paper 2 deb

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      Anyone have higher level maths paper 2 DEBS

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      Anyone have maths paper 2? In a very bad way here

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