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How likely do you think 1916 is to come up? It's seems far too obvious, so obvious they probably wouldn't put it on, but then again wouldn't there be a bit of an outcry if it wasn't on there? (thats what my teacher said anyway) What do you guys think?

Vilandas_6368 — 01/06/16
Very likely for OL, not so much HL. But then again, it's possible that they realize that its so obvious that we probably wont focus on it therefore, they will actually put it on the exam. Very tricky to guess.
dan1223 — 01/06/16
1913 lockout came up in 2013 but it was coupled with another topic to throw people
Jamie004 — 02/06/16
My teacher said it won't come up on its own like it did in the mock but they might ask something about the aftermath or like a question that would involve talking a little about it like how it led to partition.
Sarah_7402 — 03/06/16
Thanks guys )
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