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2016 - 1916 ?

Hi guys, Justwondering how likely it is you think that 1916 will appear on this years Leaving Cert History paper ? Too obvious ? A general question perhaps or a narrow specific question ?

shaun.wallace.3994 — 09/05/16
very unlikely
ashes204 — 09/05/16
not sure but think it came up in both pre exams
ChristopherG — 09/05/16
If should but it'll be tricky. It could be "causes and consequences", violence's role in it and in the period 1912-1922 or the role the key personalities played in it i.e. Pearse, Markievicz and de Valera. There'll definitely be a question from that time period though.
smurphs411 — 09/05/16
unlikely that there will be a question focusing on 1916, but it will probably come up in a wider topic
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