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    2016 predictions? colleenwf

    So I'm planing on studying

    Ireland 1912-49 : the treaty , E. Congress , Sinn Fein movement

    Ireland 1949-89 : RTE and gay Byrne , Charles Haughey , ECC

    America 1945-89 : race relations ,LBJ and Vietnam ,USA foireign policy

    Would that be enough to cover the exam or does anyone have any other suggestions?! Would be a huge help thank you !

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      You're gonna fail so

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      For Ireland know Anglo Irish Relations as it comes up almost every year. For America know Harry Truman too and you'll be sorted :)

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      Ellie Worcester

      know the strengths and weaknesses of Parnell for Ireland :)

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      Thanks a mill! :-)

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      Know how the treaty led to the civil war!

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      Sinn Fein movement came up in 2013 which is the last year soveringty and partition was an essay question.So it wont come up.

      Know an Easter rising essay such as causes and consequencesof the rising and you should be set.

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      Eoin Byrne

      Hi would you have any idea what is coming up for the section on the pursuit of sovereignty and impact of partition from 1912-45 ??

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