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    How do you write a good essay ? gavgav

    I know the course fairly well but just don't know how to get that A1 answer ?

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      Link sentences,that is all.

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      focus yourself on the question asked you douchebag

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      ah now john

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      Dates, names, and locations. These are the key in writing a history essay. Explain as much as you can in good detail but just don't waffle.....pity its not like english were we can waffle on lol..

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      Be clear on what is asked, refer back to the actual question as you go along, it paragraph should be on a different bit of it.

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      8 paragraphs including an intro & conclusion. Totally agree always refer back to question at the end of each paragraph at least helps u stay on track. Don't ramble on about irrelevant stuff stick to title

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      You can only get a max out of 12 per paragraph if that makes sense? So fill them up with lots of facts stop bluffing and keep relating back to the question you've been asked..

      Write as much as possible obviously to give your self the best advantage ( ideally it's 10 paragraphs to get an A1)

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      Literally by providing as much historical information as possible, referring to the question is vital as well as having many synonyms for the key words in the question. If your paragraphs are long then break them up! You should make more paragraphs in order to get more marks, the more paragraphs - the more accumulative marks.

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