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    Predictions for history? MeganPenguin

    Does anyone have any predictions of what the essays could be for the Leaving Cert in history?

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      There are no predictions, I asked my history teacher and he said you just have to study all of them.

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      oh wait, i just replied to you when you are in leaving cert, i am sorry, i don't know the system of leaving cert.

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      My teacher said that he'd be very surprised if the Treaty Negotiations doesn't come up for the Document, but you can never guarantee. Don't focus on just a few things and then get caught out!

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      The Belfast Bombings came up last year so I guess the Treaty and the Eucharistic Congress will have a greater chance of coming up in the Documents question this June. For the essays, Stalin always has a big chance of coming up in the Dictatorship & Democracy section. Characteristics of fascist regimes in the Interwar period could also come up. America? Possibly Vietnam. Northern Ireland? Apprentice Boys. But I'm still studying all of the topics just in case.

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      A nice hitler foreign policy or nazi regime characteristics could probably come up in the dictatorship section. in america i can see truman and/OR LBJ

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      Treaty, Fascism, Apprentice Boys, and Vietnam or Berlin/Korea/Cuba

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      American History could either have Johnson + Vietnam, MLK/Boycott or Johnson vs Truman.

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      Who was the more effective leader in Northern Ireland o'neil or brookeborough is what I'm banking on for Northern ireland

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      I think the war and Hitlers anti-semetic policies. Stalin has come up alot recently and not lenin so maybe something on just lenin or lenin and stalin. Germany is due too. The only thing Im leaving out is Francr and the plays/poems chapter oh and also the technology one because I hate it

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      My predictions are

      Northern Ireland - Coleraine (Hasn't come up since 2009) or Sunningdale

      U.S - Possibly Martin Luther King?

      Dictatorship and Democracy - Have a feeling about "Characteristics of the Nazi State between 1933 and 1939" which could incorporate the Nuremberg Rallies and Hitler's foreign policy.Germany on its own is due as it wasn't up last year. Russian History has come up a lot lately so I wouldn't bank on it, but either Russia or Germany always come up!

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      Coleriane was up in 2012 !

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