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Anyone have a plan for a causes and consequences of 1916 please ?

It would be much appreciated and good luck tomorrow guys!

NiKo17 — 14/06/16
My teacher just handed us out essays to learn, in the one she gave us for this the plan is: 1st paragraph: Home Rule 2nd: Cultural Nationalism 3rd: Irish Citizen Army 4th: Blood Sacrafice 5th: Loss of life and damage to property (consequence) 6th: Rise of Sinn Fein and decline of Home Rule (consequence) Then just a concluding paragraph to tie it all together.
helloitsme — 14/06/16
Thank you so much, I really appreciate It! Do you think it is likely to come up ?
NiKo17 — 15/06/16
I'm not sure tbh I'm just gonna do it incase
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