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    Dictatorship and Democracy LadyMacbeth

    Is studying all the dictators (ie. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Lenin) really necessary? Or could you get by with just studying one or two and knowing them really well?

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      I would say studying all dictators is neccessary

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      Thanks! I did but I wasn't sure if I should just should just study 2 or 3 and spend the rest studying other things :)

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      if you study all germay and russia youll be fine

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      I'd advise studying all parts, technically from dictatorship & democracy the only part I'd chance leaving out would be France as it has not got a case study in it.

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      Study all , if you look at the exam papers you'll see very often only one comes up and alternatively two could come up but one could be from a difficult angle .

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