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    Did I make the wrong choice? molly_1235

    I'm going into 5th year and chose history as I really enjoyed it for junior cycle and have an interest in history. But people are saying its very difficult to get a good grade in. I really enjoy business and chose business studies as well. Should I change to economics [i'd rather not do accounting] before its too late?

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      I did history and im selling notes that I can send by email. i did the parnell book, the us book and sovreignty and partiton book. Great essays that would get you through the year

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      How did you do in your leaving cert and how much are they?

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      I have notes at €12 per subject ..

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      No history leaving cert is not a bad choice. I found it them most enjoyable out of all my subjects. It is hard but so is all leaving cert subjects.

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      Thank you!

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      take all three if you can! (provided you've an interest) - once you work at them and are smart with studying they're far easier to score high in. I pulled a B1 in all three through a decent amount of stress near the exams but during the two years they're not too intense, it's really just learning business, understanding economics and adapting it, and then analysing history and being able to write - very fast.

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      If you enjoy history and are interested in it, you'll love it!

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      I got an A2 surprisingly, essays are 10 euro per book (30 euro for the all 3 books and documents)

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