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    Documents Course CeliaReynolds

    Can an essay question come up on a key personality from Dictatorship and Democracy? Like could we be asked exclusively about Leni Riefenstahl/ Josef Goebells in a question 4?

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      yeah it's possible. it could be phrased something like "what was leni riefenstahl's contribution to the nuremberg railles?" but your answer can be just generally about the railles with a paragraph on leni. this is what my teacher told me and she has been correcting the lc for years

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      fair yeah, but does that mean we have to learn lenin (another key personality) too? cos he was dead before the show trials haha

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      No only riefenstahl and goebells. They only ask for the ones directly linked to the trials

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      John smith234

      Riefenstahl and goebells have no relation to the show trials,they are related to the Nuremberg rallies.To be able to answer on the rallies you would need to know riefenstahl's role in propaganda with her films.

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      Sorry I meant rallies not trials

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